First and foremost I want to welcome every player to my server and I hope we can all have a good time and create something special. Having said that, I know that everybody out there isn't nice, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Diversity is what makes our race so unique. I welcome diversity. I will do my best to provide you a place where u can forget about the things that make your life so boring. I will set forth some rules that I expect to be followed. Ignorance is no excuse and I will not be lenient. I will change these as I see fit, or as the situation dictates.

Player Killing

The server has grown enough now that player killing is becoming an issue and needs to be defined here. Player killing is defined as willingly or unwillingly killing another player. The cap on killing players has to be established or else things would get out of control quickly. First of all, RL 0's are not to be killed by anyone under any circumstances, even if they join a house. You will not kill anyone more than 3 times per day based on the targeting system. You will not kill anyone more than 3 times per day based on the house system. You will not kill anyone more than 3 times per day based on the mimic system. These are the only sanctioned ways to kill a player. Any other way will fall under a different rule. Compensating a player with items/money so that you can kill them for rp (powerranking) is not allowed whatsover and will incur an immediate 3rd offense punishment as well as coercing ppl to join a house by lying to them so that you can kill them for RP.

1st Offense - One hour Jailtime
2nd Offense - All lck will be taken.
3rd Offense - Half RL's, all RP and Half of offenders levels will be taken.

Repeat Offender will be cleared and a possible ban will be put on his ip.

Double Logging

Double logging is not allowed unless you are given permission by Sinister to do so. The only reason I will even allow it is to put items/coins from one character to another one, but you still must ask. Nobody is allowed to log into Wasteland and Iceworld at the same time. If you do this, you will be cleared and banned immediately. You are allowed to double log between Wasteland/Iceworld to the Warzone server.

1st Offense - One week Jailtime and loss of all assets.
2nd Offense - One month ban.
3rd Offense - Cleared.

Multiple Lcking

For those of you that dont understand the concept of LCK, when you set it to death, you die when you take a hard enough hit, when you set it to miss, you lose one lck point for every hit that would've killed you. There is to be no multiple lcking people. You will treat each lck that you take as if it had killed the player. The player killing rules will apply for discipline in this area. This rule does not apply to a person that has joined a house or is AFK. They are fair game.

1st Offense - One hour jailtime
2nd Offense - All lck will be taken.
3rd Offense - Half RL's and Half of offenders levels will be taken.
Repeat Offender will be cleared and a possible ban will be put on his ip.


The most important issue with any server is security. We have measures in place to stop most intrusion-hacks, but nothing is perfectly secure. So, if you are caught hacking, exploiting, duping or anything else similar to that, you will be dealt with depending on severity of the crime. Example: Duping coins would not constitute a ban or legal action, but you will lose all your money and half of your RL's. If you are caught exploiting an item or flaw in the server, you will be cleared. It is your responsibility to inform an admin if you find an exploit or bug. If you know someone who is exploiting and you do not inform an admin, you will lose no less than half of your RL's and your storage and bank will be cleared. These rules are here to protect the server. If you break them, you will be found out. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but you will get caught eventually.


Shoving has been an issue for as long as I can remember. Some high level person always manages to "accidentally" shove a level one player. Funny how that happens so frequently. And now we've gone and added another weapon to that arsenal with the new #charge feature for paladins. Let me just say this. I will not stand by and have noobs killed. To me, this is about as high of an offense that you can commit on my server. I have tried to help noobs since I started playing TRPG, so you can see why this gets to me so much. I wont have it. If you do it, you will be punished severely. Also, RL 0's are immune to any type of killing. If you kill an RL 0 player, you will be dealt with as i see fit.

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - 15 mins jailtime and 10k coins to player.
3rd Offense - You lose 1/4 of your RL's, and 2 hour jailtime.

Tag teaming with sleep

If any group of people (2 or more) uses a tagteam method to sleep and mug/pickpcket/kill people will be subject to disciplinary action. These abilities are in the game, but are designed for one on one matches.

1st Offense - 5 mins jailtime.
2nd Offense - 15 mins jailtime and a loss of 50% sp.
3rd Offense - Class change (to be decided by me).

Unauthorized Teleport

Teleporting anyone against their will is not allowed. I added those spells to improve the Druid class and make them more popular, not to annoy people.

1st Offense - One hour jailtime.
2nd Offense - 50% reduction of assets to include RL's.
3rd Offense - Class change of my choosing.

Player Blocking/Pack Guarding

As a player I know how frustrating it is when someone bashes you off the map, but that's just part of the game. However, I dont see the sense in standing on someone's pack waiting for them to return so you can bash them again. It's happened to me countless times and it discourages people from playing in your server. Player Blocking is just as bad because it involves 2 or more people actually ganging up on a person(s) and by blocking them in a corner or inside a building, they make them defenseless to mug attacks or worse. I wont tolerate this type of behavior. The punishments described below are for both of these offenses. Proper evidence must exist to constitute punishment.

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - 5 minutes jailtime
3rd Offense - Admin will clear your storage

Zone Hoarding

Zone Hoarding has been brought to my attention and it must stop now. This is defined as one player going into a zone (excluding k-trail) and killing enemies so that another player cannot gain experience. Do not do this or you will be punished. If you are in a zone that gives only 1 exp per kill, you have no business killing enemies there. Proper evidence must exist to constitute punishment.

1st Offense - 30 mins jailtime
2nd Offense - You lose all your storage items
3rd Offense - 2 week temporary ban and forfeit of 1/10 of your RL's.

Abusing Sinbot

Sinbot was created by me to help players throughout their journey in the barren wastleand. She can be a great addition to your team because she is skilled at almost everything and can be manipulated by simple chat commands. Some people would abuse this power, so I must state the rules on Sinbot usage. If you are using Sinbot and someone else requests her, you are allowed 15 minutes more from the time of the request, then you must surrender her to the other player for a minimum of 1 hour. You're probably saying to yourself right now....but Sinister, I only had her for 5 minutes before someone requested her. If you have been training with her for more than an hour, then this rule applies.....if not, you shall have your one hour minimum before giving control to another player. Any disputes in this matter will result in a loss of Sinbot priveledges. Secondly, No-one is to use Sinbot to gain money or items in mass quantities. The drop function is there so that you can get a quick weapon...not to make coins. Anyone caught doing this will have their storage cleared. Anyone breaking the above mentioned rule of abuse will lose 1/4 of their RL's and possible jailtime.


These functions are great and I would never have them removed from the server. They provide players the opportunity to do something that if they did in real life, they could be severely repromanded. As we all know, there are those out there that would abuse this power, so it's up to me to set some guidelines on this matter. We have implemented a "Mug Points" system in the server. This is done automatically by the server based on failed mug attempts. Steal and Pickpocket are not included in this system. For more info on Mug points ask an admin. Although mug points can be a great deterrant for mugging, it still allows people to overmug if their skills are high enough. Here are the rules on stealing/pickpocket/mugging.

A. Unlimited stealing is allowed
B. Pickpocket is limited to 1 item per hour with a max of 5 items per day per victim
C. Mugging is limited to 2 items per hour with a max of 8 items per day per victim
D. No mugging is allowed at all 5 mins prior or during a quest
E. No mugging is allowed at all until 15 mins after a quest

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - Return of stolen property, 15 mins jailtime
3rd Offense - Storage and Bank cleared

Repeat Offenders will be subject to a loss of all assets and half of their RL's removed.
If items are not returned an automatic 3rd Offense will be implemented and offender will lose all items in his/her storage and bank will be cleared.


In my opinion there is 3 different types of spam. Global spam, spamming someone in #tell, and Admin spam. Global spam consists of a player saying something in global chat more than 3 times within a one minute period. Most likely, the person is either afk or is ignoring you. If you find that someone will not answer, you should then move to #tell. If they still will not answer you, you should assume they are not there. As with global spam, #tell spam should be limited to no more than 3 #tell's within a 5 minute period. The most annoying spam by far is the admin spam. This spam consists of a player spamming and admin over and over be it in global, zone, or #tell. This will not be tolerated by me or my staff.

Global or #tell spam Punishments

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - 5 mins Jailtime
3rd Offense - 15 mins Jailtime

Admin spam Punishments

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - 15 mins jailtime
3rd Offense - 30 mins jailtime


Begging and Admin for items, money, quests, heals, teleports, bashfixes or spellfixes will constitute punishment. We are there to see that the server runs without errors and to intervene when necessary. We are not your personal Genie in a bottle, so do not ask us for these things. We expect you to play and have a good time. If you need something, ask fellow players. If they cannot help you, then do it on your own. Many people before you have played this game without admin assistance and you can too. Repeat offenders will forfeit 10 levels on each occurance and be subject to jail or a kick from the server.

1st Offense - 5 mins Jailtime
2nd Offense - Kick from server (usually 5-15 mins) or 15 mins jailtime
3rd Offense - 30 mins Jailtime and kick from server


I normally wouldn't want to restrict language, but some people are getting out of hand with it. I dont mind the occasional
offhand swearing, but dont disrespect others with your language. If you get out of hand I will deal with you. Be Warned!


I've put alot of time and effort into my server. I've spent countless hours thinking of ways to make the game better and
attract players. If you come onto my server and advertise your server/mod you will most likely be banned. If you want
people to come to your server to test something, then I suggest you #tell them and keep it out of Global chat because
if I hear it, you will be taken care of.