Welcome to Tribes RPG!

This guide is designed to answer your questions and get you started playing. This explains the terms, explains character creation, and tells what to do when you first start playing.


There are four groups of classes, warrior, priest, rouge, and wizard. Each group has classes within.

Warrior		- Fighter, Ranger, Paladin
Priest - Cleric, Druid
Rogue - Thief, Bard
Wizard - Mage, Necromancer

Fighter - Fighter's skills go up quickly in all fighting related attributes, such as slashing, bashing, and endurance, but their magic is almost unusable.

Ranger - Rangers are similar to fighters. They are decent in most combat skills, but their archery is highest.

Paladin - Paladins are similar to fighters except they have a somewhat faster magic skill, espically defensive.

Cleric - Clerics are healers. Their defensive casting is the best of all. Clerics go up best in bludgeoning for weapons. They have a little offensive magic as well.

Druid - Druids are similar to clerics. The main difference is the offensive and defensive magic skills are more balanced.

Thief - Thieves are stealthy fighters, and excel in stealing, hiding, and backstabbing.

Bard - Bards can do pretty much anything. Their skills are average all around.

Mage - Mages are pure offensive spellcasters. Defensive magic is slow, and weapon and armor skills are very slow.

Necromancer - Necromancers are devious individuals. Their strength lies in DeathMagic.

The Skill System

Instead of Strength, Dexterity, and other stats guiding your character's abilites, Tribes RPG uses a skill system. All your abilites are limited by the skills. All classes can invest in all skills, but certain skills go up faster for particular classes. For example, mages have much better Offensive Casting than fighters, but do not have nearly as strong Slashing and Bludgeoning. Skills can be built up either by using abilites related to that skill or distributing skill points. You get 60 SP when you start the game, and 12 SP every time you gain a level.

The skills are:

Slashing: Used for slashing weapons- more skill means more damage, accuracy, and the ability to use more powerful slashing weapons. Train by attacking with slashing weapons.

Piercing: Used for piercing weapons- more skill means more damage, accuracy, and the ability to use more powerful piercing weapons. Train by attacking with piercing weapons.

Bludgeoning: Used for bludgeoning weapons- more skill means more damage, accuracy, and the ability to use more powerful bludgeoning weapons. Train by attacking with bludgeoning weapons.

Dodging: Gives a chance to dodge a enemy attack, and lesses the chance of being stole from. Train by not getting hit by an enemy attack.

Weight Capacity: Lets you carry more. Train by moving.

Bashing: A blugeoning attack. To bash, type #bash, then hit an enemy with a bludgeoning weapon to do ex tra damage and knock the enemy back. Requires 15 skill to bash. Train by bashing.

Stealing: Lets you attempt to rob other players. To steal, type #steal when very close to your target. If you suceed, you will get some of the money the target was carrying. If you fail, the target will be alerted of your attempt and you get nothing. Requires 15 skill to steal, 270 to #pickpocket, and 620 to #mug. Train by stealing more.

Hiding: Lets you hide in shadows. To hide, type #hide in a dark area. More skill lets you hide longer. Train by hiding. Requires 15 skill to hide.

Backstabbing: Lets you use a piercing attack. To backstab, be hidden, use a piercing weapon, and hit the enemy from behind.

Offensive casting: Lets you cast offensive spells. Train by attacking with spells.

Defensive casting: Lets you cast defensive spells. Train by casting defensive spells.

Neutral casting: Lets you cast neutral spells. Train by casting neutral spells.

Spell Resistance: Gives a chance to avoid being hit with a spell. Train by getting hit by spells.

Healing: Regens HP. More healing means faster regen. Train by drinking healing potions.

Archery: Used for bows- more skill means more damage, accuracy, and the ability to use more powerful bows weapons. Train by attacking with bows.

Endurance: Lets you wear more armor and increases your HP. Train by being attacked.

Mining: Higher mining means a better chance of getting valuable gems. Train by mining.

Speech: Allows use of chat commands. Requires 3 for #shout, 5 for #global, and 6 for #group. Train by chatting.

Sense heading: Allows use of #compass, #track, and #trackpack. Tracking tells you what direction and how far a person or bot is from you. To track, type #track playername. #trackpack allows you to keep track of lost packs. Requires 3 for #compass, 15 for #track, 45 for #zonelist, and 85 for #trackpack. Train by using these abities.

Energy: Gives you more mana and faster regen. Train by casting spells.

Haggling: Lets you sell items for more and buy for less at merchant. Train by buying and selling at merchant.

Deathmagic: Lets you cast deathmagic spells. Train by casting Deathmagic spells.

Spell List

Starting to play

Talking to other players is slightly different then in regular Tribes. Using regular chat (non-team) is "say".
Only people near you hear the message. To talk to NPCs, (non-playing characters) use say to say a greeting, such as "hello", "hail", "hi", or similar.
To reply to their message, say the keyword. (in all caps or in brackets) Team chat is "zone".
This sends a message to everyone in the same zone as you, so using this in town sends a message to everyone in town with you.
Typing #global in front of your message (ie "#global Hello everyone" instead of "Hello everyone") sends your message to all players.
There is also #shout, which is like say except a longer range. #tell sends a message to a specific person that no one else can read.
The syntax is #tell playername, message.

To level up, you have to get experince points, gained by killing monsters (bots) or doing quests. Leveling up improves your HP and gives you more skill points.
You join the game in Keldrin Town. The town has a bank, a merchant, and an inn.
Your starting equipment is a pickaxe, some blue potions, some crystal blue potions and some money.
The banker can hold your money, and keep items in storage for you. Money in the bank cannot be stolen by thieves.
Both services are free. You can buy and sell items to the merchant, which works in a similar way to inventory station in Tribes.
Click to buy or sell something, and the merchant will quote a price. If it is acceptable, click again to buy or sell the item for that price.
The more of a specific item sold, the less money you get for that item, and the more of an item bought, the less the price.
Selling weapons taken from slain monsters is the most common way of making money.

If you go upstairs in the inn, you can sleep for a while by typing #sleep. Sleeping recovers your HP and mana faster than regular recovery.
Wake up by typing #wake.

The smith can combine certain items together to make a new, more powerful item.
For a list of all things you can smith, simply click tab, then click next page, then click belt, then click Smith book. They are listed in there.
The pickaxe can be used to mine various gems.
To mine, swing your pickaxe at a crystal (large and purple) to get something.
There are many crystals- just look in most enemy zones, especially Keldrin Mine. Sell the gems at a merchant for various prices.
This is an alternate way to make money. More mining gets you better gems more often.

The mayor has valuable on the spot information such as class info, spells, the Remort system, and weapons info. You should definitely spend some time with him if you are new. He is by the Keldrin Gate.

Scattered throughout the lands are a mysterious race of people that will help you train your skills for a price.
The price for their training is one million coins per training session. For this price they will train you in their area of expertise.
For each skill you have as a player (example: slashing, piercing, hiding) there is a corresponding trainer.

The tab menu gives you a few options. You can see what level and class everyone is, and which zone they are in.
You can cut on ignore global to have no global messages be displayed on your screen.
You can see your stats and skill points here. You spend skill points here. You can also change your luck mode here.
Luck or LCK, in its default mode, protects your pack when you die.
If you have luck, you only drop some of your things (anything equipped and cash) and your pack is proctected for a while.
Only you can pick it up during that time. One luck point is also taken away. If you have no luck, you drop everything and anyone (including monsters) can pick it up.
Some people might give it back, but there's no guarantee.
You can set in the tab menu so that instead of it protecting your pack, any blow that would kill you will miss instead at the cost of a luck point.

At level 25, you can join a House by talking to the Guildmaster in Fort Ethren. Joining a house allows you to PK and be PKed by members of other houses.
The risk is not without rewards, as you get an EXP bonus that depends on the number of rank points you have.
Earn more rank points by PKing members of other houses. You also get double EXP for killing a player as opposed to a bot, so joining a house gives rich rewards.
An alternate method of PKing is using the target list. Putting someone on your target list allows both of you to hurt each other, but warns the target.
If you take that person off, you can no longer hurt each other.

Zone List

To start fighting monsters, go south over the brigde along the path to Keldrin Mine, the easiest dungeon. You can fight either goblins or gnolls here. The goblins are the easiest and suitable to low levels. When you start out, use your pickaxe to kill one monster, then switch to their weapon, as the pickaxe is a poor weapon. If you ask a higher level, they may give you a weapon to start with. If you get hurt, you can use potions or go to town and sleep. Blue potions cure 5 hp, and crystal blue potions cure 20 hp. Use blue potions first. Energy Vials are useful for recovering mana. If you start to move slowly, you are probably overweight. Go to town and sell items or drop excess items to lower your weight. The Stronghold is the next dungeon. It is east of town, over the water and up a big hill, or North of Keldrin Mines. You can fight orcs here. Level 10 is a suggested level to start trying this zone.

WARNING!!! Skiing is enabled on this server, so falling can prove VERY damaging without slickhoes! Be careful, or you WILL die!

Learn the #w command. Using it gets you information on any spell, command, or weapon. Syntax is:

#w shortsword
#w fullplatearmor
#w fireball
#w beam
#w #bash
#w #hide

And so on. Note the lack of spaces.

Keep potions on you, especially for warriors. They are lifesavers.

Learn the spawn spots of the bots. This information is useful if you want to fight a specific enemy.

Some items you find are special. Give them to NPCs who ask for them to get a reward. To find the people who want them, explore! There is a lot to find if you just look.

Each different server has a different character for your name, so if you play in one server then go to play in a new one, you have to start a new character.

If you want to start a new character in a server, change your name. Only admins can delete your char.

The game saves your character occasionally, but you can save it at any time by typing #savecharacter, or you can access the tab menu and a save option is in there.

Typing #compass (town or dungeon) gives you the direction of the nearest zone of that type if you have 3 Sense Heading. Useful if you are lost.

If someone steals from you, DON'T whine about it. That makes you unpopular and thieves certanly won't stop if you annoy them. Moving a lot makes it hard to be stolen from. It also helps to learn who is a thief.

If you pickpocket or mug someone, you become temporarily vunerable to attack, even if you are in a protected area. If you fail, the time is MUCH longer! Remember this if someone attempts to mug or pickpocket you.

Eventually someone will try to kill you. Like stealing, whining only makes it WORSE. Player Killers (PK'ers) like nothing more than killing whiners. I speak from experience.

This should go without saying, but don't be a rude moron. Show some respect to everyone, and it should get shown back.

Complaining about lag DOES NOT make it go away. We all know if it's lagging, you DO NOT need to tell everyone.

Spells that target a specific person (the advheals, godlyheal, and advtransport) are locked in at the time you start to cast the spell, not the time the spell actually happens.

Some scripts can interfere with RPG. If you are having problems, try turning them off before you play.

To set a password on your character, type #mypassword password. Enter the password you typed there in the Other Info box on the Tribes alias selection screen. (The other info blank is on the screen where you pick your voice pack and personal skin and has a model of a running figure)

Some of the bots have things you can buy even if they do not have buy as a keyword, like the bots in the mage tower.

If you try to join a server and it tells you that you are missing a file, you probably do not have the latest update. Go to the files section and download the mod package again. If it still doesn't work:

Rename your RPG directory to RPGtemp or similar.

Download the full ver and install it.

Download the updates and install them.

If it still does not work, the server probably does not have the latest version, which is currently 5.005.

If you fall off the map, wait a few seconds and type #recall. If it doesn't work, keep trying. Also, if you get lost, you can type #recall and hold still for 30 seconds to be taken back to town.

The #shove command moves people out of your way. It requires 5 bashing, and gets stronger with higher level.

Tents let you sleep anywhere you set them up. Buy them in Jaten. To set it up, type #camp. To sleep in one, go inside and type #sleep. To pack it up, type #uncamp. You may set it up as many times as you want, but if you leave it set up too long, it disappears.

You can mass buy and sell to save time at merchants. While at merchant, hit buy/sell on the item. After it quotes price, say the number you want to buy/sell. Hit buy/sell again, and that amount is sold. This also works with storage and the belt.

This guide should help you get started and enjoy Tribes RPG on Sinister's Wasteland!
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