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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. How do I install Tribes?
  2. How do I install RPG?
  3. What class of character should i choose?
  4. Where should I level?
  5. What weapons are there?
  6. What spells are there?
  7. What items are there?
  8. How does the bank work?
  9. What is LCK?
  10. What is the belt?
  11. How do I drop alot of one particular item fast?
  12. Should I join a House?
  13. How do I report a rule violation?
  14. What is Sinbot?
  15. Why should I play YOUR server?
  16. What is Iceworld?
  17. How do I submit an idea for the mod?
  18. Where can I get files?
  19. How do I host an RPG server?
  20. Can I be admin?

How do I install Tribes?

To install tribes you must first download the installer Here and follow the directions.
The next thing you will need is the 1.8 to 1.11 patch which you can get Here

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How do I install RPG?

You will need the RPG installer Here to play on rpg servers. Most people should have no problem using it.
Follow the instructions and you should not have any problems.

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What class of character should i choose?

The class of character that you choose depends on you. What kind of person you want to be and what abilities you want to have. I've made some character pages to help you in making this decision.
You can find them located Here

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Where should I level?

Where you gain levels will depend on your current level and remort level. I've made a page that will tell you about each zone and give you a danger rating for that zone Here
Sinbot also has a built in function in-game to tell you the zone you would most likely be suited for. All you have to say is "sinbot level *" replace the * with your current level and as always, do not capitalize sinbot commands.

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What weapons are there?

Click Here for weapon info.

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What spells are there?

There are 2 types of spells in my mod. Ones that can be cast by anyone and ones that can only be cast by a specific class of player. Check the character class pages for the character specific spells.
For the spells that anyone can cast, check Here

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What items are there?

Coming Soon

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How does the bank work?

The bank is the place where you can store items/coins that you have either in your inventory or in your belt. The banker has key works that he looks for and will respond to those. Pay attention when talking to him and look for those key words.
As with all NPC's in Tribes Rpg, you must be talking in #say mode so that he can understand you. To talk in #say mode, click tab and look at option number 2 and change as necessary. The banker can store 25 different items for you and then he will
deny any more item deposits. I would suggest keeping a slim storage so that this never happens. He will, on the other hand, store unlimited amounts of coins and belt items for you.

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What is LCK?

Luck or "LCK" is used to save your life or your pack depending on how you have it set up in your options. To change it, click tab, then click set mode to Death or Miss. If you set your lck to miss, for every hit that would kill you normally, it will take one lck point. If it's set to Death, then you will die when your hp's run out, but your pack will be safe from people that would like to take it from you.

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What is the belt?

The belt is just what it sounds like, although it has mystical powers and enables a player to hold unlimited rare items and gems. You can access your belt by clicking tab, then clicking next. If you dont have any belt items, your belt will not appear on your tab screen. Notice how the banker has an option for the belt.

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How do I drop alot of one particular item fast?

If you find yourself at some point overweight with items and need to drop em quick, you can use the #erasemy command to get rid of them. Here is an example of how the syntax for that command would be. #erasemy broadsword. Notice that i didn't use an S on the end of broadsword. It will give you a message if you sucessfully do it.

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Should I join a House?

To join or not to join, that is the question. As a rule of thumb, I tell people not to join a house before they reach remort 5 at a minimum. I usually recommend they wait until RL 10. However there are some perks to joining a house. By joining an opposing house of someone you dislike, it enables you to kill them. You also gain RankPoints or (RP) for killing opposing house members. RP helps you gain more experience per kill, so some people covet it more than life. Do not let someone talk you into joining a house just so they can kill you. This is a violation of my rules and you will be punished for doing so.

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How do I report a rule violation?

You can report rule violations to an admin on the server, or you can report it via the forums.

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What is Sinbot?

Sinbot is a bot that I've worked on for over 3 years. She has the ability to answer some basic questions and help you level. For a complete list of sinbot commands go Here

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Why should I play YOUR server?

As with anything, you have a choice. You're reading this because something caught your attention and you were interested. Let me say first that this is a development server. It's playable, but we are constantly tweaking and improving things to make it flow better. That's the main reason. We are always working to make it a better place to play. I also promote from within, so if you work hard and show you can be trusted, you can earn a top position. Most coders that contribute automatically get admin on the server and access to the secret section on the forums where we discuss development ideas.

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What is Iceworld?

Iceworld is an add-on for Sinister's Wasteland. It is a second server that requires special files to play on. You can get more info on Iceworld Here

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How do I submit an idea for the mod?

I'm very approachable unlike some server admins. I take what my players say into consideration and do my best to make a game that they want to play. You can email ideas to me or you can pm me on the forums. I ask that you dont try and share ideas with me while im on the server due to the fact that I will probably be busy and wont really understand what you're telling me. I like people to register on the forums and post their ideas there.

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Where can I get files?

Depends on what you're looking for. I've been collecting every Tribes file I can get my hands on for the last 3 years. You can find those files Here

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How do I host an RPG server?

I will be posting in detail on this subject very soon. I'm looking to release a secure version of RPG sometime in the future.

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Can I be admin?

Everybody wants Admin, but nobody wants the headache. My thoughts on this are that being an admin will almost definitely ruin a normal player's game. Either they will be tempted to give themselves or others stuff that is not deserved or they will buckle under the pressure and quit. This is the main reason that I dont give Admin away very easily. I will, on occasion give admin to someone while I am away so that there is someone on the server to take care of things. This person is normally someone that plays all the time and someone that I know i can trust to deal out justice in a fair manner if needed to. So basically, if you want admin, play alot and earn my trust.

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Prepared: August 24, 2006.